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They were basically just command-line scripts. You could make them execute commands, print things, collect input, and make simple decisions. It wasn't much, and I remember that you often needed some helper. COM or. EXE programs to accomplish anything useful.

Chris F.A. Johnson

EXE , or Prince of Persia. Several years later I learned a bit of PHP and immediately felt at home. PHP was a scripting language back then.

Andre Moraes

Of course it still is, but it doesn't feel like one anymore. It shared and still shares some basic characteristics with scripting languages like the MS-DOS batch programming "language". Several more years later, working on a Mac, I encountered something called "shell scripts"—files with an. These scripts often start with! By the way, if you run this env program without an argument, you get a list of all the environment variables that are available to you.

This can be quite useful. Until recently I haven't felt the need to learn more about the Bash programming language. When I started researching Docker though, I encountered a lot of examples written in Bash. Most of those examples I didn't understand completely.

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Bash has a lot of crazy syntax, and people don't often put very informative comments in their scripts. I hate it when I don't understand what's going on in a piece of code that I use in a project, so one day I decided to dive into Bash and learn enough about it to let myself get away with what I don't know yet.

I started reading the Bash Academy guide , but unfortunately it's an unfinished project. A very interesting book, which I never finished, but keep open as a reference. In terms of reference material, I sometimes find Google a useful source which often leads me to Stack Overflow.

This to me demonstrates that I don't really know what I'm doing, as I simply try out several of the answers I find. Bash is everywhere. Without a need to compile your code, this means that you can run your Bash script on many machines already. Two potential problems though:. Both of these potentially problematic situations could make your script fail, or—maybe worse—behave in subtly different ways. A backslash at the end of a line tells the shell to ignore the newline character, effectively joining the next lineto the current one.

The streams are accessible as files, butthere are three streams that are rarely accessed by a filename. By default, these streamsare connected to your terminal. When it prints information, it is sent to the standard output, your monitor. The third stream,standard error, is also connected to your monitor; as the name implies, it is used for error messages.

Thesestreams are referred to by numbers, called file descriptors FDs.

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These are 0, 1, and 2, respectively. The stream names are also often contracted to stdin, stdout, and stderr. If it does exist, the file is truncated tozero length before anything is sent to it.

Pro Bash Programming, 2nd Edition Pages 1 - 50 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

If you redirect to the same fileyou are reading from, that file will be truncated, and the command will have nothing to read. Error messages will still be displayed onyour monitor. Both standard output and standard error can be redirected on the same line. Sometimes called the bit bucket,anything written to it is discarded.

The standard output is sent to FILE, and then standard error is redirectedto where standard output is going. If the order is reversed, the effect is different. The redirection sendsstandard error to wherever standard output is currently going and then changes where standard output goes. Reading InputThe read commandis a builtin command that reads from the standard input.

By default, it reads until anewline is received. It tells the shell to interpret escape sequences literally. By default, read strips backslashes from the input, and the following character is taken literally. Themajor effect of this default behavior is to allow the continuation of lines. With the -r option, a backslashfollowed by a newline is read as a literal backslash and the end of input. Like any other command that reads standard input, read can get its input from a file throughredirection.

There are two forms fordoing this. When used with a builtincommand, it is very slow. That is why the -v option was added to printf. What is wrong with this command? The following numbers are only to show the format; your script should produce different numbers: Chapter 3Looping and BranchingAt the heart of any programming language are iteration and conditional execution. Iteration is the repetitionof a section of code until a condition changes.

Conditional execution is making a choice between two ormore actions one of which may be to do nothing based on a condition. With theexception of for and case, the exit status of a command controls the behavior.

Download Pro Bash Programming 2Nd Edition Scripting The Gnulinux Shell 2015

A failed command usually returns 1. Zero and non-zero exit codes are also known as true and false, respectively. The test command compares strings, integers, and various file attributes; tests arithmetic expressions, and [[ It is abuiltin command, and therefore its arguments are expanded just as for any other command. See Chapter 5for more information.

Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 2 - using Variables and Comments

The alternative version [ requires a closing bracket at the end. It also is important because the command [ test and [test without the space are different fromwhat is intended. File TestsSeveral operators test the state of a file.

Pro Bash Programming: Scripting the GNU/Linux Shell, 2nd Edition

Thetype of file can be checked with -f for a regular file, -d for a directory, and -h or -L for a symbolic link. Otheroperators test for special types of files and for which permission bits are set. They can be tested for equality or inequality, for nonempty string or null string, , and in bash for alphabeticalordering.

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Unlike test, it is not a builtin command. It is part of the shellgrammar and not subject to the same parsing as a builtin command. Parameters are expanded, but wordsplitting and file name expansion are not performed on words between [[ and ]]. It supports all the same operators as test, with some enhancements and additions. It is, however,nonstandard, so it is better not to use it when test could perform the same function.

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A list may be used as the condition in a while or until loop, an if statement, or as the body ofany loop. The exit code of a list is the exit code of the last command in the list. Conditional ExecutionConditional constructs enable a script to decide whether to execute a block of code or to select which of twoor more blocks to execute.

In Listing , the -z operand to test checks whether a name was entered.